Booking rules and regulations


Smoking is prohibited in the whole object.

Resort does not accept animals.

1. Following rules and regulations (hereinafter Rules) are the rules about booking rooms. Booking a room trough website or by a phone call is equivalent to accepting the Rules of the Object. The agreement is done by reservation and payment to a bank account (Hubert Jędrzejewski ul.Ksawerów Nowy 26 b , 26-804 Stromiec WBK. 43 1500 2178 1221 7000 1811 0000) or by DotPay.

2. DotPay booking

Booking is done trough website for at least 5 hotel days (20.XII- 29.II; 25.IV- 04.V; 28.VI- 31VIII) or 3 hotel days (Season B and C). In case of accommodation period shorter than mentioned above, there is a special fee of 300PLN. After choosing the term, customer fills the form in reservation system with personal data necessary for booking purposes. Then the customer chooses the method of payment (e-payment or credit card) and makes a non-returnable advance of 30% of a total price. Customer can also pay the whole price at once. After accounting the payment, the customer will receive an e-mail with booking confirmation. In case of not making an advance in 24 hours since booking, the operation will be cancelled.

3. Reservation changing and cancelling

In case of cancelling the reservation, the advance is non-returnable. Customer is obliged to advise the will of changing the term of reservation at least 14 days before the arrival. The changing is available only if the rooms are not booked in other term. Changing the term may result in changing the total price. In case of impossibility of changing the term, the advance is non-returnable.

4. The arrival hour should be previously agreed by the phone call (796-846-060). Hotel day starts at 2:00 P.M. on the arrival day and ends at 11:00 A.M. at departure day, unless there were other agreements. The deposit of 1000 PLN is charged at the day of arrival and returned at the departure day if there are no objections. Arrival after 8:00 P.M. and departure before 8:00 A.M. should be previously declared.

5. The guest is obliged to pay the whole price, even if the stay will be shortened, from reasons outside the object owner.

6. Guest is obliged to inform the owner immediately about every event, that may result in a detriment to the object.

7. The guest can use the room only for inhabitation purposes and cannot pass the room to other person, without the owner’s consent.

8. The guest is obliged to inform the owner immediately about every damage.

9. Rules and regulations of stay

a) The total number of people staying in the object cannot exceed the number agreed in reservation (maximum 12 people). If the number of people would exceed the number agreed in reservation, the owner can refuse to accommodate.

b) The guest is obliged to secure the object and closing doors and windows while going out. Guest is also obliged to keeping the keys safely, far from reach of the bystanders.

c) The guest is obliged to take the special care while using the fireplace. It is forbidden to leave the fireplace without attention.

14. Leaving the room earlier, without owners check-up, entitles the owner to assert a claim against the customer.

15. The stay for children under the age of six sleeping with adults is free. For other children there is a standard price.

16. We do not accept animals

17. In case of events that were impossible to predict, which effects cannot be eliminated instantly by using standard procedures, the owner has the possibility to cancel the reservation. In case of random events not depending on the object owner, the owner has the right to cancel the agreement. Money paid by the customer will be returned immediately, reduced by the cost of services already provided.

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